Generation’co is a non-profit, secular, apolitical and autonomous French non-profit organization.

Our goal is to promote, support and help strengthen fraternity among the peoples of the world in order to work together to improve our daily lives and living conditions, wherever we are on Earth.

Thus, we encourage international collaboration to exchange, share and share our knowledge, skills, means, ideas and experiences.

In connection with local populations from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, we participate in the setting up and development of collective projects with environmental, agricultural, social and / or educational scope, while multiplying and facilitating exchanges and meetings between all interested parties.

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Gen’co, for an egalitarian, ethical and united word !

Administrative side

French NGO (Law 1901; n°RNA: W262003286), created on 30th January 2017 at the sub-prefecture of Nyons (26).

Office Adress : 7 bis boulevard des Barrys 26290 DONZERE (Drôme)

Papers :

  • Statuts .pdf
  • Announce JOAFE .pdf
  • Recap Compta Annuelle 2017 .pdf
  • Bilan 2017 .pdf

Assemblée générale 2019 prévue en Mai 2019 (date non-définie)