Ecovolunteering in Sumatra – Indonesia


Do you like adventure and escape the monotony?

Do you even dream of discovering the world of the tropical jungle while having a positive impact on the environment and useful to local populations ?

Welcome to our home !!!

We will make your trip an unforgettable experience, enriching, full of authentic encounters in a friendly atmosphere, and you will have the chance to act for the safeguarding of an inestimable natural heritage critically endangered.

From a few days to several weeks, we welcome international volunteers to :

1) Immersion in local culture and the traditionnal way of life :
You will experience a community life in harmony with nature, share the daily life and activities of the people while being acquainted with their knowledge and know-how about the use of nature and the craft activities related to it.

2) Discovery of the rainforest and the Gunung Leuser National Park, recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO :

Many hikes, treks, excursions and nature activities “à la carte” linking leisure, observation and study …

It’s up to you to choose according to the duration of your presence with us and your points of interest of course!

Note : all outings are organized in partnership with experienced guides from the Indonesian Tourist Guides Association.

3) Ecovolunteering / Collective work :

– Agroforestry: you will participate in the development of different sites (see projects Jungle Hope Area, Medik Lawang and Indopalm) : p ground repair, planting, maintenance, seed harvesting and storage, seedling production in nurseries and assist in the vegetal diversification of family land partners

– Traditional agriculture: we will help local families during various periodic agricultural work (rice growing, fruit harvesting, maintenance of parcels …)

Collective projects of general interest : occasional assistance for the repair of roads, bridges and passageways, assistance for the renovation of school buildings and individual dwellings, improvement of community infrastructures (construction of dry toilets, composting site …)

Ecology : direct participation in the preservation of the environment and the regeneration of biodiversity through on-the-ground actions carried out with the inhabitants (reforestation, cleaning of streams and riverbanks, elimination of invasive species …) and collaboration with various environmental education and awareness programs for local populations (eg clean village operation, information campaign on chemical inputs …)

Popular education : language, art, cooking, biodiversity, science … you have specific knowledge or skills, do not hesitate to share!

WHO can come? Anyone of age in the individual, couple or group up to 6 people maximum; special family package on request.

The prices included : Accommodation + Meals + Activities nature & culture + Transportation on site.

Airfare, insurance and visa not included.

Accommodations :

– Agroforestry sites: gubuk (traditional log houses, bamboo and palm leaf roof)

– Trek: itinerant bivouac: manufacture of temporary shelter, night under tent or under the stars, cave, jungle house …

– in the village: in a guesthouse and homestay (+ or less modern depending on the partner …)

Meeting points :

– For JHA: We will welcome you directly to Bukit Lawang bus station and we will walk together to the village and then to Jungle Hope Area (1h15 walk)

– For Simolap: to determine with you: either B.Lawang bus station or village center if you are on the spot, or at the crossroads of Marike, on the road between Medan and B.Lawang.

List of Participatory Stay Packages
in North Sumatra


EXPRESS STAYS : (details here)

a) 4 days : Bukit Lawang

2 days Arrival / Departure + 1 day Trek + 1 day collective work

b) 1 week : Bukit Lawang or Simolap

2 days Arrival / Departure + 2 days Trek + 3 days collective work

DISCOVERIES STAYS : (details here)

a) 10 days : Bukit Lawang + Simolap

2 days Arrival / Departure + 3 days Trek + 5 days collective work

b) 2 weeks : Bukit Lawang + Simolap or Glugur

2 days Arrival / Departure + 4 days Trek + 2 days rando study + 6 days collective work

c) 3 weeks : Bukit Lawang + Simolap + Glugur

2 days Arrival / Departure + 5 days Trek + 4 days rando study + 10 days collective work

IMMERSION STAYS : (details here)

a) 1 month

2 days Arrival / Departure …

collective work

b) 2 months

2 days Arrival / Departure …

collective work

c) more than 2 months

2 days Arrival / Departure …

collective work

Infos & registration for participative stays :
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