The plants are dedicated to the vegetal diversification of lands belonging to local families , to support the small owners in the conversion of oil palms plantation and also old rubber or fruits  plantations into mixed food areas

Trees are dedicated to the regeneration of a species-rich forest cover and close to the original biotope on severely degraded areas and / or near sensitive and endangered natural environments such as buffer zones in Gunung Leuser National Park.

During these reforestation actions,
we favor local species, favorable to the maintenance of biodiversity and useful to the population
(food, traditional medicine, crafts)

Operations :

Sponsors pay € 5, € 10 or € 15 depending on the category of tree (fruit or spice trees, palm trees, wild trees). The amounts paid serve:

  • the purchase of the plants;

  • maintenance of the tree for 3 years (estimated monitoring time before the tree can manage itself);

  • the redemption of a new plan if the first does not survive


A) Fruits or Spices Trees : 10 €  B) Palms : 5 €    C) Wild Species : 15 €
Lemon tree, water apple tree, cloves tree, jackfruit tree, mango tree, mangosteen, nutmeg tree, rambutan, … areca, coconut tree, sugar palm, lontar, nypa, pandanus, … canddlenut tree, benzoin, cannelier, gaharu, kapok, mahoni, santal, shorea, tualang, ylang-ylang, …

Sponsor a tree

You have the possibility to choose among the predefined lists of trees you wish to sponsored,
or if you have an idea, we are ready to study it !
Send your request to: