In Indonesia:

In addition to the families and authorities (chiefs) of different villages in the North Sumatra region, we work in collaboration with associations, companies and local authorities:

  • Several members of the Government Association of Bukit Lawang Tourist Guides (trek in the primary rainforest of Gunung Leuser National Park)
  • KPL (Komunitas Penyelamat Leuser) responsible for the management and protection of an area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park in Kutambaru County and responsible for Simolap ecotourism development
  • M. RAUF Abdul , professor of agroforestry at the University of Medan, specialist manufacturing compost, natural gas, aquaponics
  • Kantor Kehutanan Kapubaten Langkat : Government office in Stabat, responsible for land management adjacent to the National Park

In Europe :

  • Projects Wings : German NGO supporting the project « Plastic Village » for awareness and initiation to plastic recycling in Sumatra. Built in « ecobriques », the place will house various local actors working around the environment :
    • Erna’s ecofarm , educational space around sustainable agriculture (production of vegetables, rice, fruit trees). Volunteers are welcome.